The fruits of our labor

The fruits of our labor

When can we be proud? When, for example, we collect the fruits of our labor. So, this is our case, at the Distillery Krauss. Why? Because we just received multiple awards for our premium spirits last week:


for our first participation in an international competition in France,

 G+ Lemon Edition Gin Gold medal🥇

G+ Tangerine Edition Gin – Gold medal- 🥇

G+ Classic Edition Gin – Silver medal – 🥈

Anis – Silver medal – 🥈

among 268 blind tasted spirits, 157 categories of spirits (Whisky, Bourbon, Brandies, Soju, Shochu, Baijiu, Gin, Vodka, Rhums, Cachaça, punchs, cocktails, anisés, creams, liquors and Jerez wines).




Our Gin G+ Saffron Edition has been elected for the second consecutive year “Spirit of the year“.


Medals for our premium gins :

G+ Saffron Edition GinDouble Gold medal

G+ Classic Edition Gin Gold medal

G+ Tangerine Edition GinGold medal

G+ Flower Edition GinGold medal

G+ Oak Cask GinGold medal


Finally, Distillery Krauss received the distinction of “World Class Distillery“.


In the current very difficult global situation, these awards make us all the more proud because they are the recognition of the very high quality of our premium spirits by multiple recognized experts, members of the tasting juries of these two international competitions. This encourages us to continue, step by step and taking the necessary time, the path we have traced.


Distillery Krauss. That’s the spirit.