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    A must-have for all that loves anise. Intensive and fruity nose leads to an explosion of taste on the palatine. The kindly sweetness comes out only of the anethol from the anise seeds and is not a result of sugar addition. 50 %vol. seems a little bit strong, but it tastes perfect pure or in a mixture with cold water or with ice cubes (it becomes immediately cloudiness).

    Falstaff 2015 gold medal with 95 points.

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    G+-SAFFRON the yellow charmer

    Shiny yellow and powerful in taste is how the Saffron Gin presents himself. First only a limited edition now a permanent part of our Gin range. The addition of saffron yields in way of oily taste – a little bit like maturated. He is charming the palatine and invites to enjoy him pure. Produced with saffron form Austria.

    Smell: very intensive juniper, spicy saffron, a lot of freshness, clear citrus, flowery notes

    Taste: oily, dense saffron, mild, spicy, refreshing, juniper, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact, tender bitter …

    The production of Saffron Gin: the shiny orange-red saffron is pulled into the gin after distillation. After a several time it is filtered. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a deposit on the bottom of the bottle. It is only saffron.


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    G+-London Dry – the beginning

    The G+-London Dry was the first Gin of our G+-Gin-line. He was the first London Dry Gin of Styria and his development was a spontaneous decision. The conception was to produce a straight Gin with dominating juniper note with discreet citrus and flowery notes. And the Gin should be powerful but still with fine freshness.

    The conception was well done, because at the first international tasting we have participated has been a sensationally success. At the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition” the Who-is-Who of the world Gin producers comes together to compare themselves. Out of 121 Gins only 10 products were awarded with a double gold medal and one of them has been our Gin.

    Even pure but also as a mixture it is a hit. Because of its straight stile there are no borders in mixing.

    Smell: very intensive, powerful juniper, a lot of freshness, clear citrus fruit and flowery notes …

    Taste: mild, refreshing juniper, citrus, flower, ongoing length, very harmonic and compact …

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    G+-LEMON TREE the refreshing WOW experience.

    A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, focusing especially on citrus fruits. Less juniper, only to support the freshness. Therefor the fresh-fruity and a few bitter notes of citrus fruits dominates the Gin. Even pure an adventure but with tonic it’s wonderful. Additional spicy tastes and the bitterness of the grapefruit and its lovely smell unfold after mixing. Very refreshing, ideal summer drink.

    Smell: citrus, grapefruit, fruity, very intensive, juniper, a lot of freshness, powerful, spicy notes, smells like summer.

    Taste: mild, refreshing, dense, grapefruit, juniper, pleasant bitterness and spicy, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact.

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    GIN+-POWER FLOWER- a flowery sonnet

     A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, that introduces itself in a very flowery way. The juniper stands back for the flowery notes and just supports in the background. Fine fragrance of lavender to violet roots till chamomile gives something extravagance to the diva of our Gin range. Therefore extravagant because she doesn´t open up herself for everyone. For this only real enthusiasts of flowers would appraise her appearance. For all others she will stay a mystery.

    Smell: violet, lavender and camomile, decent appeals of juniper, very intensive flowery and appeals of citrus.

    Taste: powerful, compact, especially violet, mild, ongoing length, very harmonic …

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    Wonderful mild, crystal clear Vodka made from special blue potatoes from Styria. A genius Vodka of top class. A pleasure for everyone.

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  • New Gin type.

    A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, focusing especially on mandarine/tangerine fruits and thyme. The full power of the lovely mandarine taste harmonized perfectly with the spicy thyme, pretty assisted by the juniper flavor.


    Double Gold Winner and Winner of the Chinese World Spirits Award 2018



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    Like this gin in an oak barrel, the recipe has also matured. The juniper should not over power. The dominant character of this gin should be citrusy, fruity and spicy with complimenting vanilla and oak notes.

    Therefore, the main ingredients of this gin are juniper, mandarins and cardamom.  It is subsequently aged several months in a barrel previously used for rum.

    The double plus on the label is due to the fact that the alcohol concentration (50 %vol.) – as well as the anise – is significantly higher. Savoured pure, the oak-cask gin is pure pleasure. However, it also proves itself when mixed with tonic, as then all of the hidden nuances of the mix come into play.

    AROMA: Dominant mandarin, vanilla, discreet juniper, spicy cardamom.

    FLAVOUR: Reflective of the aroma, whereby the juniper comes through more than in the aroma, with a long finish primarily dominated by mandarin peel and vanilla.


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