G+ Oak Cask Edition Gin


Like this gin in an oak barrel, the recipe has also matured. The juniper should not over power. The dominant character of this gin should be citrusy, fruity and spicy with complimenting vanilla and oak notes.

Therefore, the main ingredients of this gin are juniper, mandarins and cardamom.  It is subsequently aged several months in a barrel previously used for rum.

The double plus on the label is due to the fact that the alcohol concentration (50 %vol.) – like our Anise – is significantly higher. Drunk neat, the oak cask gin is pure pleasure. However, it also delights when mixed with Tonic, as then all of the hidden nuances of the mix come into play.

AROMA: Dominant mandarin, vanilla, discreet juniper, spicy cardamom.

FLAVOUR: Reflective of the aroma, whereby the juniper comes through more than in the aroma, with a long finish primarily dominated by mandarin peel and vanilla.


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