G+ Saffron Edition Gin

G+-SAFFRON the yellow charmer

Shiny yellow and powerful in taste is how the Saffron Gin presents himself. First only a limited edition now a permanent part of our Gin range. The addition of saffron yields in way of oily taste – a little bit like maturated. He is charming the palatine and invites to enjoy him pure. Produced with saffron form Austria.

Smell: very intensive juniper, spicy saffron, a lot of freshness, clear citrus, flowery notes

Taste: oily, dense saffron, mild, spicy, refreshing, juniper, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact, tender bitter …

The production of Saffron Gin: the shiny orange-red saffron is pulled into the gin after distillation. After a several time it is filtered. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a deposit on the bottom of the bottle. It is only saffron.


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