G+ Lemon Edition Gin

G+-LEMON TREE the refreshing WOW experience.

A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, focusing especially on citrus fruits. This Gin has less juniper, but enough to support the freshness. Therefore we have created a fresh-fruity taste with the combined bitter notes of citrus fruits in this Gin. Delicious neat or with tonic it’s wonderful. Additional spicy tastes and the bitterness of the grapefruit and its lovely smell unfold after mixing. Very refreshing, an ideal summer drink.

Smell: citrus, grapefruit, fruity, very intensive, juniper, a lot of freshness, powerful, spicy notes, smells like summer.

Taste: mild, refreshing, dense, grapefruit, juniper, pleasant bitterness and spicy, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact.

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