G+ Classic Edition Gin

G+-London Dry – the beginning

The G+-London Dry was the first Gin of our G+-Gin-line. It was also the first London Dry Gin of Styria and its development was a spontaneous decision. The conception was to produce a straight Gin with dominating juniper flavour along with discreet citrus and flowery notes. Our aim was to create a powerful Gin with a clean fresh taste.

We seem to have achieved our objective in this respects as at the first international tasting we participated in was a sensational success. This was the San Francisco World Spirits Competition –  the “Who’s Who” of world Gin Producers in 2015. Out of 121 Gins only 10 products were awarded with a double gold medal and one of them was our very own Gin.

Drink it neat or with a mixer – either way, it is a real hit. Whatever the mixer, the characteristic flavour carries through to a satisfying conclusion.

Smell: very intensive, powerful juniper, a lot of freshness, clear citrus fruit and flowery notes …

Taste: mild, refreshing juniper, citrus, flower, ongoing length, very harmonic and compact …

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