RUM by Krauss

Rum by Krauss, the First

Originally distilled from sugar-cane molasses and afterward matured in new casks made from American oak. The original sweet taste of our Rum is completed only with the sweetness released from the cask. But that’s all, no sugar is added, which differs a great deal from most of other well-known rums. It goes along with our principles that after the distillation no sugar is added to any of our distillates. Because new casks dispense to average 2 to 3 gram sugar per litre to the spirit, even with the often used sherry finishing only a few gram are added. Plenty of Rums hold a much higher amount of sugar, starting from 30 to 40 gram per litre or even more. Therefore our rum appears from the very first sip, a much more refined and satisfying drink. With or without a mixer, the unique flavour carries through.

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