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    G+-London Dry – the beginning

    The G+-London Dry was the first Gin of our G+-Gin-line. It was also the first London Dry Gin of Styria and its development was a spontaneous decision. The conception was to produce a straight Gin with dominating juniper flavour along with discreet citrus and flowery notes. Our aim was to create a powerful Gin with a clean fresh taste.

    We seem to have achieved our objective in this respects as at the first international tasting we participated in was a sensational success. This was the San Francisco World Spirits Competition –  the “Who’s Who” of world Gin Producers in 2015. Out of 121 Gins only 10 products were awarded with a double gold medal and one of them was our very own Gin.

    Drink it neat or with a mixer – either way, it is a real hit. Whatever the mixer, the characteristic flavour carries through to a satisfying conclusion.

    Smell: very intensive, powerful juniper, a lot of freshness, clear citrus fruit and flowery notes …

    Taste: mild, refreshing juniper, citrus, flower, ongoing length, very harmonic and compact …

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    G+-LEMON TREE the refreshing WOW experience.

    A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, focusing especially on citrus fruits. This Gin has less juniper, but enough to support the freshness. Therefore we have created a fresh-fruity taste with the combined bitter notes of citrus fruits in this Gin. Delicious neat or with tonic it’s wonderful. Additional spicy tastes and the bitterness of the grapefruit and its lovely smell unfold after mixing. Very refreshing, an ideal summer drink.

    Smell: citrus, grapefruit, fruity, very intensive, juniper, a lot of freshness, powerful, spicy notes, smells like summer.

    Taste: mild, refreshing, dense, grapefruit, juniper, pleasant bitterness and spicy, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact.

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  • New Gin type.

    A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, focusing especially on mandarin/tangerine fruits and thyme. The full power of the lovely mandarin taste harmonized perfectly with the spicy thyme, with a balanced contribution from the junipers.


    Double Gold Winner and Winner of the Chinese World Spirits Award 2018



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    GIN+-POWER FLOWER- a flowery sonnet

     A special edition of our G+-Gin-line, that introduces itself in a very floral way. The subtle juniper flavour supports the flowery notes to create a unique taste in our range. Fine fragrance of lavender combined with violet and chamomile adds something extravagant to the Diva of our Gin range.  We say it is extravagant because the flavour may not be for everyone. Definitely one for floral enthusiasts with its complex flavour and aromatic structures. For all others it may stay a forsaken mystery!

    Smell: violet, lavender and chamomile, delicate hints of juniper, very intensive floral and citrus notes.

    Taste: powerful, compact, especially violet, mild, ongoing length, very harmonious…

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    Like this gin in an oak barrel, the recipe has also matured. The juniper should not over power. The dominant character of this gin should be citrusy, fruity and spicy with complimenting vanilla and oak notes.

    Therefore, the main ingredients of this gin are juniper, mandarins and cardamom.  It is subsequently aged several months in a barrel previously used for rum.

    The double plus on the label is due to the fact that the alcohol concentration (50 %vol.) – like our Anise – is significantly higher. Drunk neat, the oak cask gin is pure pleasure. However, it also delights when mixed with Tonic, as then all of the hidden nuances of the mix come into play.

    AROMA: Dominant mandarin, vanilla, discreet juniper, spicy cardamom.

    FLAVOUR: Reflective of the aroma, whereby the juniper comes through more than in the aroma, with a long finish primarily dominated by mandarin peel and vanilla.


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    G+-SAFFRON the yellow charmer

    Shiny yellow and powerful in taste is how the Saffron Gin presents himself. First only a limited edition now a permanent part of our Gin range. The addition of saffron yields in way of oily taste – a little bit like maturated. He is charming the palatine and invites to enjoy him pure. Produced with saffron form Austria.

    Smell: very intensive juniper, spicy saffron, a lot of freshness, clear citrus, flowery notes

    Taste: oily, dense saffron, mild, spicy, refreshing, juniper, ongoing length, very harmonic, compact, tender bitter …

    The production of Saffron Gin: the shiny orange-red saffron is pulled into the gin after distillation. After a several time it is filtered. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a deposit on the bottom of the bottle. It is only saffron.


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    A must-have for all Anise lovers. Intensive and fruity nose leads to an explosion of taste on the palatine. The subtle sweetness comes out only of the anethol from the anise seeds and is not a result of sugar addition. 50 %vol. might seem a little bit strong, but it tastes perfect pure or in a mixture with cold water or with ice cubes (it becomes immediately cloudiness).

    Falstaff 2015 gold medal with 95 points.

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    Wonderful mild, crystal clear Vodka made from special blue potatoes grown in the Styrian Region of Austria. Blue potatoes are a rich source of anthocyanins. This is a genius Vodka of top class quality. 

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  • Vermouth 700 – a cooperation between Distillery Krauss and Gut Moser

    This Vermouth is made from finest Austrian Sauvignon Blanc and G+ Oak Cask Edition Gin.

    Enjoy neat, with Tonic or Ginger Ale

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    Rum by Krauss, the First

    Originally distilled from sugar-cane molasses and afterward matured in new casks made from American oak. The original sweet taste of our Rum is completed only with the sweetness released from the cask. But that’s all, no sugar is added, which differs a great deal from most of other well-known rums. It goes along with our principles that after the distillation no sugar is added to any of our distillates. Because new casks dispense to average 2 to 3 gram sugar per litre to the spirit, even with the often used sherry finishing only a few gram are added. Plenty of Rums hold a much higher amount of sugar, starting from 30 to 40 gram per litre or even more. Therefore our rum appears from the very first sip, a much more refined and satisfying drink. With or without a mixer, the unique flavour carries through.

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    Tradition. Even though our Distillery is quite Young, this Whiskey stands for Tradition. It is produced after the traditional principle for production of Bourbon Whiskey and uses a traditional styrian ancient corn ilk.

    The label is based on an oilpainting from Herber Frostner. It Shows the traditional styrian chicken from sulm valley, which is the inofficial heraldic animal for this Region.

    Fragrance: typical corn flavour paired with banana ester and sweet vanilla-wood-flavor.

    Taste:  similar to its fragrance with a soft wood-sweetness and a long finish.


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    The apples for our apple brandy comes from our Region of Styria in Austria. The apples are pressed immediately after harvest and the restultant Juice if fermented to apple wine. Afterwards the apple wine is distilled with care. The resulting distillate develops its full force after maturation in oak casks for at least one year. Due to the higher alcoholic value of 48 %vol. our apple brandy delivers very intensive Long lasting flavour.


    Our apple brandy was awarded with a gold medal in the category apple brandy at “San Francisco World Spirits Competition” in 2016.

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  • — LIMITED —

    95,3 WOB-Points – Double Gold (Spirit of the Year 2018 & World Spirits Award 2018)

    Our Strong Spirits are filled in casc strength and very limited. This one Comes with 56,5% Vol. alcohol and turns out to provide a real taste Explosion on your palate. It has an extremely Long Lasting finish and is due to its alcohol strength not recommended for Beginners.

    Fragrance: Massive aroma portfolio, a lot of muscatel, apricot, yellow plum, cinnamon, typically woody and marc-like, strong/strongly, charred wood aromas, a lot of raisin, Manner chocolate wafers, nougat, nutty and kernel-like, slightly green and herbal background.

    Taste: Great marc and wood concept, most intense stylistics, orange zest, pip-like and oily, marc-like and woody, charred wood, dried fruit, raisins, caramel, leather, nutmeg, malty sweetness, tight and vigorous, good harmony, long-lasting finish.


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  • Its intense flavor like freshly roasted hazelnuts and Nougat chocolate is also blunty recognized as marvelous taste. To the balanced sweetness and the light alcoholic taste, there is also a Long length in the finish (33,0% Vol. alcohol).

    The hazelnut was awarded with Double Gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition and with a Gold medal at the World Spirits Awards.

    Fragrance: Typical, roasted hazelnuts, nougat, wafers, vanilla, roasted sugar almonds, some green reflections.

    Taste: Classic aromas, manner chocolate Wafers, creamy, hazelnut cream, roasted nuts, strongly pronounced roast notes, vanilla, banana, nice sugar sweetness, balanced, good tightness and lenght in the finish.


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