If I should describe the philosophy of our company in three sentences, they would be the following.

  1. It is the mixture.
  2. If only you compare yourself with the best you will become better.
  3. And the mission statement of the soccer-team FC Bayern “Mia san mia” (translated it means “We do our own matter and don´t care about the others”)

The first point fits in a perfect way to that how we work. During I take care of the daily business as a managing director my husband is able to unfold himself and is free for new developments and ideas.
Each of us is focused on his special expertise and together it is the perfect mixture like the Asian Yin and Yang.
The same counts for our products. We produce traditional spirits and try to define them new respectively we try to enhance their quality. A lot of enhancement is not done because of tradition. Tradition sometimes may be a very good thing (I don´t want to have whisky out of a stainless steel tank, maturated with oak-chips) otherwise it is a handicap, if long standing regulations are not adjusted or if tradition is easier to sell or even if they are not able to do it in a better way. In the case of production, we also want to have this mixture between traditional/approved and new/innovative.

The second point is very important for us, because already in the beginning of our company we have sent our products to tastings. In the field of fruit brandies we have participated at the “Styrian Federal Tasting” and after a lot of gold medals we tried out the next higher level. During the first participation at the “World Spirits Awards” we achieved the second place from all distilleries in the category of the 100%-Distillates. The next years we started to change our product line from only fruit spirits to international spirits. For the international spirits we also wanted an international jury so we participated at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition” and achieved Double Gold for our Gin in 2015 and Gold for our Apple Brandy in 2016. And every one who believes that we are satisfied with this awards, don´t know my husband. Success and disappointment stimulates him comparably.

Point three especially apply to my husband, because if he is confident with something, it is very hard to argue him out of this. But up to now he was always right. For myself point three means that we could be very proud of what we have reached.